Our Service

At the beginning of 2012, the company “Idea Designers Sadra” was formed with the vision of providing and supplying beautiful, unique, and high-quality sanitary building equipment. This was initiated by a group of experienced managers and entrepreneurs, architect engineers, and interior designers. The founders’ long-standing experience in the industry and commerce led to the establishment of a company based on the principles of providing unique and distinctive products, offering accurate and technical advice, timely delivery, and performing professional sales, installation, and after-sales services. This ensures that clients of the company bring quality and beauty to their homes with satisfaction and peace of mind. Based on this vision, the founders of the company adopted the slogan “Ultimate Quality, Peak Beauty” as their organizational motto.


Product Guarantee

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Ten years: Concealed flush tanks for Western and Iranian toilets
Ten years: Surface-mounted flush tanks of the Metolit series
Five years: Mechanical buttons
Five years: Internal flush components (water supply and discharge)
Two years: Electronic buttons

Warranty Void Conditions

Unforeseen events such as floods, earthquakes, wars, and building accidents
Repairs, changes in settings, and replacement of parts by individuals other than technicians from Idea Designers Sadra
Damages and defects caused by impact, drilling, use of industrial tools, etc., to the flush tank
Use of industrial and unconventional cleaning agents for the buttons