Introduction to the Finex Brand

Unlimited possibilities for your home

The Finex parquet brand was established in 2001 in Russia by the Marina and Malakhov Holding. With 200 years of experience and several generations in the wood processing industry, the production of wooden floor and wall coverings continues this family’s long-standing trade in the wood industry.

In 2006, Finex introduced itself to the large Russian market and, in collaboration with major factories in the Russian wood industry, expanded its production line to offer a full range of wooden floor and wall coverings for various commercial and residential uses with a 25-year warranty. Extensive experience and unique technologies allow Finex to create the boldest ideas in wooden flooring and parquet. Traditional techniques and handcrafted processes create unique textures and colors that showcase the natural beauty of wood, revealing the beautiful patterns and designs created by nature in the wood. Innovative developments in finishing coatings enhance this beauty and increase durability.

Winning various awards and participating in domestic and international exhibitions have expanded the market for this brand. Finex now offers a wide variety of products, including different types of wood, sizes, layouts, and usage spaces, and strives to be present in all countries.